Home School Programs that Fit Your Needs

Home School Programs

Kindergarten – 5th

The primary education years shape not only your child’s personality, but his or her attitude toward learning. At L ights Tutoring Center International, we do all we can to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm. With access to our special courses, our students and parents love our Elementary Home School Programs.

Middle School Homeschooling

Too many middle school students today enter high school still unable to write a simple five-paragraph essay. When the student teacher ratio is one to one, however, developing individual skills is guaranteed. Our homeschool learning programs prepare your middle school aged student for an easy transition into high school.

Homeschool High School

Wow. You made it! Now your student can teach himself! Our high school level homeschool learning courses are designed to be self-teaching. Their clear step-by-step structures lead students through the material at their own pace. Our courses provide interaction, practice and more in-depth study. And with our robust homeschooling support, parents do not have to be the experts.

Other Programs

Summer Camp

Do you need to prepare your child for an American school?

Science Fair Project Tutoring

Background research for problem Hypothesis

After School Homework Assistance

Need help with homework? Have an assignment due?

"Lights" Tutoring Center offers Individual and Affordable Tutoring

Tutoring all subjects and all grades, including freshman college courses

Look Close at Russian Weekend’s School

Russian weekend’s school was founded 10 years ago by parents of Hollywood, Hallandale, and Sunn