After School Homework Assistance


Need help with homework?

Have an assignment due?

Didn't understand what the teacher was talking about?

We can help. Call today for a free evaluation and let us help you get up to speed.

But our homework assistance provides not only accomplishment of home works, also it enriches your knowledge.
Again, our Enrichment does not necessarily mean acceleration.
We strive to broaden the student's experience, reinforce basic concepts, review ideas and skills from previous year and introduce some selected concepts from the next grade-level curriculum.
Our Home work program includes:
  • Pick up children from Sunny Isles School (other school on call)
  • All subjects home work
  • iReady, Reading Plus, Reflex Math, Powerpoint presentations 
  • Reading Log
  • Storytelling Hour
  • Afternoon Fun Zone (ART, Craft, Music, Chess)
  • Hot Lunch
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After School Homework Assistance

Need help with homework? Have an assignment due?

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