Our School

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Our team

We meticulously plan each week and each particular class. We personally interview and hand-pick each instructor. Because we are hiring the best, we also pay the best, which means our instructors are enthusiastic, energetic and teach-knowledgeable.Each member of our team comes to us with a blend of spirit, energy, enthusiasm, knowledge of technology and experience with kids and teens.

Elena Colon


Elena Andreeva


Anastasia Zhulanova

Administrative Assistant/Tutor

Nadezhda Borzenkova

Math. Teacher/Tutor

Melanie Arouguesti

English Teacher/Tutor

Esmira Bayramova

English Teacher/Tutor

Zarina Mamedova

English Teacher/Tutor

Yana Lapidus

French Teacher / Tutor

Ksenia Zhmyleva

Teacher's Assistant / ASP

Valerie Levinne

English Teacher/Tutor

Oksana Poncavage

English and Spanish Teacher/Tutor

Ludmila Asrieva

English Teacher / Tutor

Luba Bratman

Music Teacher